Family Development

Family Development Certification Training

The Washington State Community Action Partnership provides certification to Community Action Professionals across the state to become Family Development Specialists and Trainers.

What is the Family Development Certification Training?

Family Development is an intensive case-management program that establishes a framework to work holistically with those seeking comprehensive services at Community Action Agencies. Family Development encourages work with the entire family with the end result of leading them towards self-sufficiency.

Regardless of your program specialty (ie: Employment, Housing, Family Support, etc.), Family Development will be a valuable addition to your skills - providing hands-on tools for your work with families across all spectrums.

What is the role of the Family Development Specialist?

After completing a certification program, our Family Development Specialists work closely with eligible families to achieve self-sufficiency in many areas, including but not limited to:

  • housing
  • nutrition
  • income and budgeting
  • employment
  • physical health
  • recovery from alcohol and drug abuse
  • transportation
  • child and adult education
  • family and social relations
  • legal issues
  • parenting
  • mental and emotional health
Introduction to Family Development

Joining - Interviewing and Dialogue Skills; Building Relationships, Cultural Competency.
Assessment - Assessing Family Strengths, Challenges and Resources.
Planning - Create well-formed goals and create plans to reach a families vision towards self-sufficiency.
Support - Evaluate barriers that may prevent families from moving forward.
Linking - Connecting families to community partners by providing effective referrals while continuing to support the family.

This is the only statewide certification training of its kind for Community Action Professionals.

Where can families and individuals get more information about the Family Development Program in their area?

To find a Family Development Specialist in your community, click here or call our main office.

Megan Brown, Project Director
P.O. Box 7130
Olympia, WA 98507
(360) 588-4442